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Information - Home Learning Packs - Week 3 & 4

Dear Parents and Children, 

Hope you are all well and safe. 

A new two week plan will be sent to you on your email and if you are in Early Years  it will appear on Tapestry too. Please do not worry if you haven’t quite finished the last pack it’s better to do it well and feel you are learning, rather than rush. 

Please ALWAYS  contact your class teacher as we need to know everyone is safe and ok and we also love to hear from you. 

Lots of things are going on your child’s ‘class blog’ and ‘page’. If you go on to our school website and click ‘our children’ then our ‘class blogs’ you will see lots of photos, clips and videos. The staff work hard on this so please have a look. 

Your child’s class page will have the handwriting videos made by your class teacher. It’ll help you with your joining - again please look. 

Once again your teacher is there for support just email and we will do everything we can to help. 

If you are struggling with the internet or emailing then call the school and leave a message on the answer machine/ an office staff member will pick up the calls ASAP. 

Thanks once again for all your efforts with your home learning. 

Kindest regards 

Mrs Thompson