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Curriculum Intent

At Furzeham Primary School, we offer a curriculum which is broad, balanced and promotes a positive attitude to life-long learning. Our curriculum is built on being inspiring and inclusive with an over-arching desire to be excellent in all aspects of teaching and learning. It builds on the knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills of all children through sequential learning journeys, building coherence and progression regardless of their starting points.

The knowledge of our children and the coastal community in which they live, has shaped what we believe is an exciting, innovative and creative curriculum. It provides equality of opportunities to counter relative disadvantage/different starting points and meets the needs of all our learners. Our curriculum has high expectations to combine transferable skills, demonstrate a breadth of vocabulary, develop cross curricular links and provide bespoke challenge to all pupils. We have a continual eye on the future for our children and by continually re-shaping the curriculum through our key themes, this helps prepare them for the future and allows for a developing cultural capital.


Our key themes permeate every subject and unit of learning where it is meaningful and relevant.

Coastal - Our local history and heritage is at our core and we provide opportunities to teach and for children to understand local history. As a coastal school in a busy fishing port with a rich heritage, it is vital our curriculum secures an understanding of local and self-belonging in our community, as well as building connections outwards to our regional, national and global world. 


Community – our planning, teaching and learning enables community links to connect with and have an impact on classroom community, school community, local community, national community and global community. Visits and visitors are a regular approach to deepen understanding in the curriculum. We work in partnership with parents and members of the community are invited regularly into our school to celebrate the children’s learning. Our unwavering PTA are resolute in the aim to enhance our children’s educational provision.


Creative – our curriculum aspires to have creativity at its core. We celebrate creative talents and oracy through access to drama throughout the whole curriculum alongside singing, choirs, art clubs, and theatre shows. We foster presentational speaking in all its forms and provide opportunities to build, create, invent and experiment using imagined and real-life situations.  

Communication – we provide opportunities to develop oracy to ensure clear, concise communication appropriate for task, person and place. We provide purposeful opportunities for talk and authentic audiences so that children develop confidence to articulate and debate.