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Wearing school uniform promotes a sense of belonging, makes decision making about what to wear each day easy and prevents parents and children from feeling pressurised by trends and fashions. For these reasons our children are encouraged to wear school uniform. It is designed to be simple, smart and practical so as to avoid unnecessary expense. We particularly like the children to be in uniform for special functions and occasions.



Royal blue jumper or cardigan (preferably with a school logo)

White polo shirt 

Grey trousers

Plain black shoes

Black, grey or white socks only

(In summer term boys are welcome to wear grey shorts).



Royal blue jumper or cardigan with school logo (preferably with a school logo)

White polo shirt 

Grey skirt, trousers or tailored shorts         

Plain black shoes

Black, grey or white socks and tights only

(In summer term girls are welcome to wear blue gingham dresses and shorts).  


Practical black shoes or trainers without logos. Croc style plastic shoes are not safe.  Open toe shoes are discouraged.  

P.E/Games Kit Boys and Girls - White T-shirt and black shorts. P.E. indoors is done in bare feet.  For outside games your child will need a pair of trainers. Long hair should be tied back for P.E. We recommend that the children bring a track suit in the winter months when Furzeham Green can be a very breezy place indeed! 
School sweatshirts, cardigans, hats and reading bags, can all be purchased on-line and the office staff can provide help with this.  It is expected that all children have suitable swimwear, towels etc. when needed. 
We appreciate that buying uniform can be very costly and whilst we encourage the display of the logo on uniform we appreciate that parents may choose to buy clothing that doesn’t have this on.   

Earrings and Hair styles

For health and safety reasons stud earrings are preferential and must be removed for PE sessions or covered with medical tape. 
Hair styles should be neat and suitable for school. Tying back long hair may help to discourage head lice which are a common factor in children’s lives today. We are not allowed to actively look through children’s hair for lice and neither is the school nurse, however, should we become aware of live lice on a child’s head, we will contact the parent immediately and ask whether they would like to collect their child to treat their hair. In this instance a letter will be sent out to all of the classmates informing the parents that there is an incidence of lice in the class. Children will not be ostracised in any way and will be treated discreetly and with sensitivity. Advice can be obtained from the school office on how to treat head lice and the school nurse is also happy to provide advice.  

Children's Property

We encourage children to look after their own possessions.  However, all items of clothing and other property should be clearly marked with your child's name so that it can be easily identified and returned. It is the school policy to write into clothing the names of children if unmarked clothing is found.  Please inform the school if you are not happy for this to happen. 

Lost Property

Lost Property is stored in an identified brown box in the Key Stage 2 porch.  Although we keep properly for as long as we can, from time to time we will empty the box and will inform parents when this is about to happen.  Any items of school uniform, still unclaimed at this time will be donated to the PTA washed and put on sale for PTA funds.  



Jewellery should not be worn at school with the exception of watches and stud earrings for those children with pierced ears. 


Our staff organise the distribution of outdoor play equipment and toys at playtimes so that the children have plenty to do, and have the opportunity to share with others.  Because toys often get lost or spoilt, we would prefer that children do not bring their own toys to school.  If your child does bring a toy to school we request that only one toy is brought and that it is a small relatively inexpensive pocket sized toy.  We cannot guarantee that these toys will not get lost or broken and so any that are brought to school are with the understanding that this may happen.  We also discourage children from swapping their toys and would ask you to remind them about this. Footballs are allowed at school but extra care must be taken at playtimes if they are heavy.